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What is Semen Banking?

Sperm banking is the term used for collection and storage of semen, a fluid containing sperms.

How long a sperm can be stored?

Sperm can be stored for indefinitely. There are reports of normal pregnancies from frozen sperm stored even for 12 years.

However, each person’s sperm reacts differently to the freezing procedure.


At Yash IVF, a donor is screened for medical fitness before collecting semen from him. The semen thus obtained is either used immediately for insemination or is stored at -1960C for six months. After 6 months the donor is retested for any infection, particularly for HIV. If the tests are negative, the sample is released from quarantine for insemination.

The success rate of both fresh as well as frozen semen is almost similar. However, in the case of stored sample, motility decreases rapidly within 12 hours, in contrast to fresh insemination, where the sperms stay alive in the body for 48-72 hours. The major advantage of frozen samples is its minimal risk of HIV infection.