Artificial Insemination

What is Artificial Insemination?

Artificial Insemination is the procedure of achieving pregnancy by means other than intercourse. In this a healthy sperm is injected in the female’s uterus to achieve pregnancy.

Artificial insemination is also sometimes an option for women who have endometriosis or abnormalities of any of their reproductive organs.

Ideally, it makes pregnancy possible where it wasn’t before. Intrauterine insemination (IUI), in which the sperm is placed in the uterus, is the most common form of artificial insemination.

Though the pregnancy rates for women undergoing artificial insemination may not be as high as they are for some more advanced techniques, this technique has a key advantage: It’s a simple procedure with few side effects. For those reasons, we may recommend it as an initial form of treatment for infertility.


AIH means Artificial Insemination with husband/ partner semen


AID means Artificial inseminaton is done in couples having unexplained infertility. Couples in which male partner is suffering from azoospermia where no sperms are found in the semen. Such couples can use AID as an option to achieve pregnancy