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What is Donor Insemination?

Donor insemination (DI) is a procedure in which donor semen is placed in a woman’s uterus at the time when she ovulates, to assist her in getting pregnant. Usually, semen is obtained from anonymous sperm donor(from sperm bank).

Yash IVF offers holistic donor insemination treatment for subfertile couples to help them fulfill their most important dream- Parenthood. We carefully assess our patients before treatment and counselling are also provided in relaxed, friendly and informal way to make this procedure completely stress free for them.

At Yash IVF, sperm samples collected from the donor are screened for sexually transmitted diseases and genetically inherited disorders prior to use.

Who can opt for Donor Insemination?

Donor Insemination can be opted when the male partner isn’t producing enough healthy sperms for the female partner to get pregnant. another scenario where donor insemination opted when a husband wants to avoid high risk of passing on a genetic disease or infective disease.

How does Donor Insemination work?

  • Female partner is given madication to develop an Egg.
  • Once the egg is developed adequately HCG injection is given for final matturation.
  • 36 hrs. after HCG injection, proccesed donor semen sample is injected into the uterus.
  • Further process of achieveing pregnancy occurs naturally.