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Affordable Test Tube Baby Treatment for IVF ICSI

IVF treatment is a very complex process and has many different stages, which vary from patient to patient. Each process has a cost involved. Nevertheless the package for IVF/ Test Tube Baby should include cost of standard drugs, processing, routine blood investigations, ovulation monitoring & professional fees up to Embryo Transfer. In short almost all the basic costs should be covered for a single fresh IVF cycle.

At YASH IVF the basic cost of an IVF cycle varies from 1.0 to 1.25 lac depending upon patient related factors like age, ovarian reserve and cause of infertility.

Infertility treatment must take into account & overcome the following hurdles:

1.   Need for multiple cycles - The success rate of IVF treatment is about 40% the world over for IVF cycles. At Yash IVF we prefer ICSI procedure over IVF as it increases the chances of success considerably and thereby reduces the costs associated with multiple cycles

2.   Lack of uniform response to the ovarian stimulation cycle. No Two women are alike and therefore what works for one my not work for the other. Very true. Therefore we also have customised treatment options with high potency medications combo, apart from our general purpose packages with standard medications.

3.   Endless wait to get pregnant and have a healthy baby. At Yash IVF we follow the protocol of 'Day 5' embryo transfer, also known as 'Blastocyst' transfer. In addition we opt for frozen embryo transfers. This dual combination is the current international norm, which not only raises the chances of an early conception but also ensures a healthy pregnancy and therefore an uneventful delivery with a healthy full term baby.

4.   Pre term babies and the cost of NICU. By following international protocols, using standard medications, providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly trained technicians, we ensure that 75% of the time your first cycle itself is successful. By adopting Strategies like ICSI, Frozen embryo transfers, Blastocyst (Day 5 embryo) transfers we ensure that the conception is healthy. Regular monitoring during the antenatal cycle, easy access to our doctors and facility ensures there are no untoward events during the course of the pregnancy. Having said that the team is prepared to handle any situation and ensure the best outcomes. Thus events like pre-term birth are rare, avoiding the additional cost of neonatal intensive care associated with overcoming these issues.

Special Packages - Couples can select from our wide choice of economy packages.

  • For couples who do not have a major infertility issue we offer a 1.25 Lac single cycle package.
  • For those with moderate problems we offer our 2.25 lac 2 Cycle package that includes 2 transfers
  • And finally, for couples who need assurance that they will go back with a baby we offer our exclusive - '1 + 1= 3' package.

    This has multiple stimulation cycles & unlimited transfers (subject to availability of frozen embryos) and is designed to ensure that -

    You arrive as a couple and depart as a family, aptly titled- '1 + 1 = 3'.

Let us examine the elements that determine the cost of IVF / Test Tube Baby treatment

  • The specific cause of infertility and age will largely determine the drugs opted for and therefore the cost of treatment. For example, in a situation where the lady is nearing her forties and has a low AMH count (Ovarian Reserve), the drug cost will be on the higher side and such patients should be wary of offers of cheap treatment. They may end up incurring a much higher cost of getting a healthy baby.
  • Blastocyst Transfer - After fertilization, great significance is attached to the day upto which the embryo is incubated and then either transferred into the womb or cryo-preserved, An IVF cycle involves stimulation of the woman's ovaries to produce oocytes, which are then fertilised with the eggs of the male partner to create an embryo. This is cultivated in an incubator under special conditions, in a sterile environment, until it becomes a stable multicellular organism by Day 5 – called a Blastocyst. Not all centers incubate until day 5, however, because of the additional cost of incubating up to day 5 and the necessity of having the infra structure to do so. At Yash IVF we specialise in 'Day 5 transfers'. At this stage it is typically about 150 to 250 celled organism (Blastocyst) and this stage is considered the most optimum stage for transfer of the embryo into the womb of the mother or freezing for subsequent transfer. Even Day 2 / 3 embryos can be transferred and may yield positive results. But the success rate is lower than the Blastocyst transfer success rate. Blastocysts are the most likely to lead to a positive conception and subsequently a successful pregnancy.

    Do all IVF centers follow this practice of transferring on Day 5?
    No. There are factors like lack of infrastructure, price compulsions, non-availability of embryologists on Day 5, etc, which leads to embryo transfers at an earlier date. While this doe not rule out a positive outcome, it certainly reduces the success rate. Yash IVF is fully equipped with both the infrastructure required to cultivate the embryo till day 5 and also an in-house team of embryologists to transfer the embryo on the defined day.
  • Embryo Freezing - a world class infrastructure for conducting freezing cycles is essential for every IVF centre. For a variety of reasons and compulsions the embryos may be required to be frozen and subsequently thawed prior to implantation. These are 2 separate processes and they need to be performed with great care. They require special expertise and infrastructure, which we have at YASH IVF.
    Obviously, freezing of the embryo and the subsequent thawing results in additional costs, which are payable by those couples who are not likely to benefit from a fresh IVF cycle.
  • Need For Donors: Certain conditions necessitate the use of Donor gametes. This happens when the woman either does not have sufficient eggs or they are of a quality not good enough to generate an embryo or an embryo healthy enough to be transferred. In such cases there are multiple additional costs involved. The cost of hiring a donor is the major cost. The hired donor will then undergo a stimulation cycle of 10 – 14 days followed by a pick up procedure under GA, requiring hospitalisation for a day. The charges will depend upon the specific requirements of the commissioning couple, in terms of the physical attributes expected and other factors.
    In some couples the male gamete needs to be sourced owing to issues like insufficient quantity / quality of the sperm. Donor sperms are much cheaper to obtain as there is no medical intervention or prior treatment required to be given to the donor.
  • Successful Delivery - The outcome of any IVF cycle should be the birth of a healthy baby. Cutting costs may not necessarily lead to this outcome. Either there may not be a conception at all in the Ivf cycle or the conception may not lead to a successful pregnancy. There could be a pre-term event or an abortion.
  • The IVF team - The team leader is obviously the IVF consultant. At YASH Ivf our IVF expert is Dr Chaitanya Ganapule, a highly reputed IVF consultant with over 10 years of experience. He has undergone extensive training at the Homerton University Hospital, NHS London - an internationally acclaimed institute for ART training. He has also obtained Diplomas from universities in Germany and France in Laparoscopic and Pelviscopic surgery, essential procedures in determining the cause of infertility in Women.
    He is backed up by a team of in-house Embryologists lead by his wife - Dr Ashwini Ganapule, who has also completed a 2 year course in Embryology from Leeds, UK.
  • Success Rate - it is this teamwork and protocol based approach that has resulted in our achieving a success rate of 66%. This effectively means that the patients have a greater chance of attaining a positive outcome in the first cycle itself, thereby reducing their cost of getting a baby. So although our cycle cost may be higher than some other institutes, because of our higher success rate, the cost of getting a positive outcome is lower than the institutes that simply project a lower cycle cost.
  • NABH Accreditation - We are one of the very few NABH certified IVF centers in Pune. This is an accreditation granted by the Quality Council of India, Delhi, based on a very strict evaluation of processes, protocols, manpower and performance.