We offer advance techniques for infertility treatment like IVF, ICSI, Laparoscopic Surgery in Deccan, Pune. We have best gynaec surgeons Dr. Ganapule & Kulkarni
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Welcome To YASH-IVF

At Yash IVF hospital we use advance techniques for infertility treatment. Yash IVF is well trained to provide patients with a service that is personalized and friendly in an environment that is comforting and safe. We have 1000+ successful IVF treatment cases having best success rate.

IVF specialist in Pune

Dr.Ravindra Kulkarni

Dr. Ravindra Kulkarni is Gyanaecological Endoscopist with a specialisation in Infertility treatments and has been running Yash-IVF in Bhosari for the past 10 years.Best Gynecological Endoscopist and ivf Specialist in Pune India. But the major contribution came by starting Yash IVF and ICSI, an exclusive Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) centre in 2002.

Dr.Chaitanya Ganapule

Dr. Chaitanya Ganapule is a gynaec and obstetrics surgeon with a special interest in laparoscopic surgery and infertility management. He specialises in IVF treatments and PCOS. Dr Chaitanya Ganapule has been practicing as a gyneac endoscopic surgeon for the last 8 years and founded Pearl Women’s Hospital in the year 2009. He is a chief endoscopic surgeon at Gupte Hospital and a consultant at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Sahyadri Hospital, all in Pune.

IVF treatment and PCOS specialist in Pune

Egg Donation

Yash IVF, both the donor and the recipient are made to understand the procedure and are given psychological counseling prior to an egg donation treatment cycle....



Yash IVF offers a surrogacy program to everyone couples as well as single desirous of parenthood.We have a large data bank of surrogates who have been....


Embryo Donation

A couple’s infertility problem may also be due to a combination of physical factors that affect the man and woman,If standard IVF treatment fails or offers....

"Of all nature's gifts to the human race, what is sweeter to a man than his children?"

Marcus Tullius


Semen Banking

At Yash IVF Hospital,a donor is screened for medical fitness before semen is collected from him. The semen thus obtained is either used immediately for insemination.        


Laser Hatching

We offer the Laser technology for Assisted Hatching (LAH) where a precision laser beam is focused over the zona pellucida making a small opening,between 10-20 microns


Sperm Retrieval

When sperm is not present in the ejaculate due to obstruction, surgical sperm recovery may be recommended in order to collect sperm for treatment.

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