What is fertility?

Fertility is the natural ability to produce an offspring. It is a reproduction potential which is influenced by gamete production, fertilization and the capacity to carry the pregnancy to term. A lack of fertility is known as infertility.

To understand infertility/subfertility one must understand the term fertility and how conception takes place. The two most important factors needed for conception are

    Female Gamete
    Male Gamete
    Female gamete is in the form of an egg and is produced by the ovary.
    One egg is produced every month from one of the ovaries.
    At the beginning of each menstrual cycle pituitary gland releases hormones FSH that brings about the development of the follicles.
    One of these follicles becomes dominant and is grown fully and becomes mature about 14 days prior to the next menstruation.
    After maturity the egg is released from the ovary and is taken up by the fallopian tube.
    Male gamete is in the form of sperm and is present in the semen
    During intercourse, semen is deposited in the vagina
    Sperms then travel through the cervix and uterus to reach the fallopian tube
    In the fallopian tube the egg and sperm unite to form an embryo which then travels back into the uterus and get implanted
    After implantation the further development and growth of the embryo takes place in the uterus for approximately 9 month
    If the embryo is not developed or if it is not implanted then the endometrium is shed as menstrual period approximately 4 days after ovulation

If a couple is trying to start a family there are certain things they need to follow to boost the chances of pregnancy

Nutritious Diet

A balanced and healthy diet prepares females body for pregnancy and helps male maintain sperm production at optimum level

Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly helps both male and female maintain a healthy body weight, keep the body fit and also reduce the stress levels in the emotional world of conception challenges

Medication and Drugs

Certain prescription medicines can reduce the chances conception, so in case of regular intake of medicines one must consult with their doctor. Recreational drugs must be strictly avoided.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is linked to infertility in male and female. In male it reduces the sperm quality and in female it causes early menopause. Smoking also causes premature delivery and low birth weight babies.