Age greater than 40 years

Age greater than 40 years

Moms who are in the 40s have a higher risk of age-related concerns and miscarriage. Many women who are above 40s think the game is over when it's not. Your health may be more important than your age. If you're above 40 and healthy, you have a good chance of carrying a healthy baby. How well you deliver a baby in your 40s depends on various factors, including your level of fitness, health habits, and your food.

About 33% of all pregnancies in women ages 40 to 44 end in miscarriage or more likely to have a child with lower birth weights (under 5 1/2 pounds).

In an era of modern IVF treatment, several treatments are available that will bless you healthy child and enjoy parenthood.

Following are the treatments for age greater than the 40s that can help you Egg Donation

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